Full title: Towards a concept of forced labour in the Spanish legal system

Year: 2022

Course: Master in Criminal Law

Direction: Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda

Coordinator: Miriam Ruiz Arias


  • Daniel Felipe Andrade
  • Daniel Marcel Trujillo
  • Crisanta Rodríguez Acosta


The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has defined the concept of forced labour since 1930, a thesis that has been reiterated and not modified at different times, however, it is essential to rethink this meaning, especially when the law and society is changing. Therefore, on this occasion, an attempt is made to elaborate a definition of the concept of forced labour, obtained after a review of the existing data on forced labour at various levels, such as the global, international, regional and national levels, as well as the treatment given to this phenomenon in national and international legislation. Of course, the analysis of the small but significant contribution of the doctrine on the subject is indispensable. Similarly, it will be justified by differentiating it from similar terms and phenomena such as human trafficking, servitude, among others, in order to continue with some specific conclusions by means of which the state of the art on this concept in the Spanish legal system is presented, which would in turn allow us to point out the challenges to follow.

The preliminary results of this report were presented by the students at the International Congress Aporophobia and Criminal Law, held on 28 and 29 April 2022 in Salamanca