The FIDUCIA project (“New European crimes and trust-based policy”) will shed light on a number of distinctively “new European” criminal behaviours (trafficking in human beings, trafficking of goods, cybercrime and criminalisation of migration and ethnic minorities) that have emerged in the last decade as a consequence of technology developments and the increased mobility of populations across Europe. Proposing new approaches to the regulation of such behaviours, the central idea behind the FIDUCIA project is that public trust in justice is critically important for social regulation, in that it leads to public acceptance of the legitimacy of institutions of justice, and thus to compliance with the law and cooperation with legal authorities. While being highly relevant to responding to “conventional” forms of criminality, trust and legitimacy may be of special significance in the light of “new crimes”.Logo Financiación FIDUCIA

The funding body is European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme, Theme SSH.2011.3.2-1, Criminal behaviour and policy responses in the Eurpean Union, Grant Agreement No. 290563. The duration is 02/01/2012 – 01-31-2015. Furthermore, Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda is the principal resarcher in the University of Salamanca and Stefano Maffei is the coordinator.

For more information: www.fiduciaproject.eu