Ful title: Legal Opinion on the Ghali case (SADR)

Year: 2022

Course: Master in Criminal Law

Direction: Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda

Collaborator: Wendy Pena González

Collaboration: Gernika Centre For International Justice


  • Juan David Castro Ramírez (Coord.)
  • Juan Sebastián Cepeda Sánchez
  • María Cecilia Muñoz Acosta
  • Carlos Alberto Quintero Pérez
  • Judit Blanco Martínez
  • Laura Pacheco García


The report considers that neither objective nor subjective elements of the crime of genocide are present, affirms that there are no elements that demonstrate the accused’s authorship or participation in the alleged acts, and concludes that the statute of limitations has expired. The preliminary results of this report were presented by Juan Sebastián Cepeda Sánchez and Juan David Castro Ramírez at the Final Seminar Aporophobia and Criminal Law, held on 28 and 29 April 2022 in Salamanca.