1) International Seminar: The principle of international justice: basis and limits. Salamanca, 16th and 17th December 2010.

The research group carried out really intesives activities. On November 2010, an International Seminar was held with the most important experts about the subject of study. Also, different professors of Salamanca had a relevant role. This meeting took place in Salamanca and responded to the priority objective of dissemination.

This seminar was directed by Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda with contributions from all the research group.  Most of them were speakers on their specific issues. In addition, foreign and national professors and students assisted to the seminar.

2) Conference of International Criminal Law: Present and future (University of Salamanca, 07/03/2012).

The mentioned book was presented and dedicated to two specialists in criminal law with national and international relevance: Hernán Hormazábal Malarée y José Ramón Serrano Pedecasas.

3) Extraordinary Course on International Criminal Justice: Present and Future, University of Salamanca (Spain), 12/13/2012-12/15/2012.