Seminar of Cybercrime

15th May 2015 :Seminar of Cybercrime

General InformationThe Department of Criminal Law at the University of Salamanca (Spain), in collaboration with FIDUCIA project, held a Seminar of Cybercrime on 15th May 2015 in Salamanca, Spain. 

The seminar would be in behalf of FIDUCIA project, where some expert in this area will hold a conference to disseminate the issues and key findings of research conducted in the Fiducia project about cybercrime.

The event hosts a prominent speaker in the topic of Cyber Crime, Dr. Maria Yordanova, Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria). The seminar will also count with the presence of a guest speaker, Dr. María Gorjón Barranco, who works in this area on the research project of Criminal Policy against Transnational Crime at Salamanca University.

The Fiducia project will be presented by Dr. Yordanova with the topic of Cybercrime – national and international policies and private sector response. The topic of Cybercrime in Spanish Criminal Code will be presented by Dr. Gorjón.

The seminar is aimed at students of Salamanca University, such as students of Criminology degree, Master in Criminal Law, Master in Corruption and the Rule of Law and the doctorate course in The Rule of Law and Global Governance.

Venue: Faculty of Law, room 202 at 11.00a.m.

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